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October 3rd, 2011

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We, like everyone else, have lots of stuff to do. Somehow (in the midst of all this important stuff) Jeff found the time to make music. We hope, with all the stuff you’re busy doing, that you have time to listen to it – maybe have a cup of tea. Dare we say…enjoy it?! (The music and the tea).

Playing space-darts,
Jeff and Elliott

Breaking News: We really hope you’re making that doot du doot doot breaking news sound in your head (don’t pretend you don’t know what we’re talking about); and no, that’s not the breaking news. The news is that someone made a mistake and we owe an apology to Bill. Because he did ask a question. Sorry Bill. No, dammit, it’s not okay. We’re sorry.

Dude, where are all your posts? have you two been slacking off? I thought you were cooler than that!


Dear Bill,

Ladies and Gentlemen
May we introduce to you
Novelty Music Website

Sure we may be slacking off
Might be working at our jobs
Might be trying to get off
Might be slightly at a loss
But guess what doesn’t pay the bills:
Novelty Music Websites

We’ve outsourced our instruments to computers
We get our lyrics from ourselves from the future

I’m sure some day
We’ll find some more time
Like when we hit it rich
Or the economy dies
Or when the sun explodes
And we’re all on the space arc
But we’ll forget our computers
So to pass the time we’ll play Zero gravity space-darts

This one goes out to the slackers the bums the triflers the deadbeats the beatniks the goldbricks the loafers the idlers the the artists the slouches the pretenders the quitters and to you.

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