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What is 2+2? 

Close Encounters of the Word Kind

July 5th, 2011

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Wow. It’s been so long since we posted that we forgot what a Monday is. (It’s a kind of fish right?) Since we’re quite literally going to be on opposite sides of the country for the next 6 months, things probably won’t get better. You could always hope blindly, we hear that’s popular.
All that aside, here’s a song you can likely relate to; Because either you’ve experienced it, or it’s about you. We’re looking at you Ted.

Jeff and Elliott

Dear Jeff and Elliott,

Don’t you just hate it when people stand right next to you and talk in your face? I’m doing it right now! Okay, imagine I’m doing it. (Because I am.)

Antagonistic in Antietam

“Close Encounters of the Word Kind”

Dear Antagonistic,

I see you comin’
I’m scannin’ the scene
Looking for obstacles
To put between you and me

Yo you’re walking up tight
You got something to say
And there’s not a thing here
I can put in your way

You’re uncomfortable close
Talkin’ crazy vociferous
Body pressed against mine
Cryin’ how’d I get into this

Already tried backin’ up
But you slide up no doubt
That banana in yo jeans?
Hope I never find out

Most of us just get it
And it’s mutual you see
I want to be as far away from them
As they want to be from me

But you need some personal rules
To interpersonally communicate
How do you know you crossed the line
Gotta break it down and translate

If you’re standing close enough
We could be holding hands
But there’s no logical reason
We should be holding hands

Or if you’re standin’ close enough
To get slapped in the mouth
Better back it up nice
I’ll slap you the fuck out

Close talker
Tight stander
Nothing more than a
Personal space bandit

Tight stander
Close talker
All you are is a
Personal space marauder

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