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What is 2+2? 

The Birthday Question

February 7th, 2011

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This week we commence a change of pace on Jeff and Elliott Save the Day. In order to maintain a more perfect union of novelty songs and your ears, we welcome John Boyle as the first contributor to our humble website. You might have heard him before asking the occasional question through song or even saving the day with the help of Ringo Starr. After about two years we’ve realized that there are far too many trivial problems out there for just the two of us, so some help from friends will not only let us relax in the Bat-cave (Not the Batman Bat-cave, just a cave that has bats) it will give you, the listener, a chance to get a little more variety and probably a lot more talent from this URL.

Take it away Johnny-Boy,
Jeff and Elliott

Contributed by: John Boyle

Dear John,

What is the best way to celebrate a friend’s birthday?

Puzzled in Petaling Jaya

“The Birthday Question”

Dear Puzzled,

Birthday’s are a tricky conversation.
If you’re searching for the greatest celebration.
Expectations are abnormally high.
If the party’s not quite right.

The following list
Is incredibly legit
Follow these suggestions
And avoid the stinging questions

Streamers are delightful
While theme parties are frightful
You can always buy a cake
If you always fail to bake a delicious cake
Everyone loves a present
On my birthday, single malt scotch is prerequisite
No matter how hard you try
At age 28 it just won’t be a surprise

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