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Chanson d’Amour

February 21st, 2011

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As luck would have it, the week of Valentine’s day did not go so smoothly for everyone. Hey, not everyone has a novelty music blog that they can just whip out to impress girls or guys, we understand. So if last week wasn’t the week for new beginnings, then may we suggest writing a song as Max has done in this week’s song? Of course the song should bring out the big guns, by which we mean the language of love. Can’t write music? Not a problem! Just download this track and say you wrote it! That doesn’t sound like your voice? It’s your singing voice!

Happy Future Lovin’,
Jeff and Elliott

Dear Jeff and Elliott,

Valentine’s day did not go at all as planned. I could not work up the nerve to ask _________ out. Gimme a hand here.

Loveless in Logansport

“Chanson d’Amour”

Cher Loveless,

Je ne sais pas
Tu ne m’aimes pas

Suis-je trop fin?
Ou bien trop gras?
Pourquoi tu ne m’aimes pas?

Je te nourrirai
Sans me bruler
Si tu m’aimais

Je t’inviterai
A passer la nuit
Au lit à danser !

La La La La Laaaaaaaaa
La La La La Laaaaaaaaaa

Et puis un jour
Je te convaincrai
Que toujours tu m’aimais

Mais pour m’empêcher
De tout répeter
Il faudra m’aimer !


I do not know
Why are you so
Not in love with me?

Am I too skinny?
Or am I too fat?
Why do you not love me?

I’ll cook you some food
Without burning myself
If you would just love me.

I’ll invite you
To pass the whole night
Dancing on my bed!

La La La La Laaaaaaaa
La La La La Laaaaaaaaa

Then one fateful day
I’ll convince you to stay
Convince you, you love me

But for me to stop
Singing this song
I’m afraid you must love me!

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