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Penis Hat

January 31st, 2011

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Welcome to the New Year! Every new year brings a new hangover, and that’s why this week… what’s that you say? The new year was a couple of weeks ago? That would explain why we’re both now unemployed. Damn you facebook! If you hadn’t noticed, we took a couple of weeks off to recharge the batteries, and we’re pumped to get rolling again. Tune in next week to see what changes we have in store for the website. In the meantime, unemployment does have a few perks, though, like free time! Free time to do what we do best: record songs pertaining to genitalia.

Still here,
Jeff and Elliott

P.S. We don’t actually have free time.

Dear Jeff and Elliott,

My boyfriend has a beanie cap that makes his head look like a penis whenever we go out. Please instruct him to cease and desist wearing it.

Abashed in Anchorage

“Penis Hat”

Dear Abashed,

So you don’t like his penis hat
But tell me have you ever seen
Such a cool cat
Pull off, pull off a penis hat?

And by pull off I mean
It’s late at night
Your boyfriend nuzzles your arm
And you turn on the light
To see
Him naked save for his penis hat

And in the light
You see his penis and his hat
Do you mean to tell me
You can’t tell this one from that

In the light
You get the realization package deal
You realize his package and his hat are not the same deal

So now you don’t mind the penis hat
Because when you see him wear it you just think that
The hat looks like a hat.

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