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Love is a Dark Art

November 1st, 2010

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Halloween is over, so why are we writing a song about magic and stuff? Well, we got to hang out with our friends Dan and Ashlee on the scariest of holidays (unless you have santa-phobia) and they’re both in wizard rock bands. Yep, that’s the face we made when Dan mentioned it the first time too. Still, it’s a unique diversion from reality (drugs are so last year) and we thought we’d give it a shot in their honor.

We put on our robes and wizard hats…,
Jeff and Elliott

Normally a question goes here but this is from our do what we want series of songs.

“Love is a Dark Art”

Dear World,

I’d create spells for you
Make ‘em do what you want ‘em to
I’d split my soul asunder
Bind it into mortal plunder

Baby I’m turning dark for you
I’ll do anything you to tell me to
People will think I’m imperious-ed
But I’m just addicted to us

Whatever you need
Burn your dark mark into me
Whatever you desire my dear
Morsmordre will bring me near

Love is a dark art

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