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Apologizing for Auto-tuning

November 15th, 2010

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You might have noticed a recent trend in music. No, we’re not talking about Elvis themed reggae style Led Zeppelin covers. We are of course referring to the art of auto-tuning, and yes, we’re being facetious when we refer to it as an art. It’s more like candy for the ears. It sounds cool, but it’s really bad for you in large quantities. Allow us to demonstrate…

Usually pitch-perfect,
Jeff and Elliott

Dear Jeff and Elliott,

I think the music industry as a whole owes an apology for the atrocity that is auto-tuning. You guys too.
Annoyed in Annapolis

“Apologizing for Auto-tuning”

Dear Annoyed,

This is an auto-tuned “song-pology”
For making songs sound weird
If I could, then I would
Make all songs normal but it’s too late I fear

So to listeners I would say
I’d rather sing normally any day
An actual melody, that I’d call mine
‘Cause when one finds a novel thing
One happens to completely beat
It to its death, so sorry for the find

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