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It’s Like Inside Recess

October 4th, 2010

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Informal Poll: Raise your hand if you preferred inside recess? That’s right – Everyone! (We’re ignoring any evidence to the contrary; what’s new?) Good news! Those skills you honed over countless hours reading rules and playing games like a civilized 4th grader can serve you still…because everyone loves games! (see above about everyone).

Still always right,
Jeff and Elliott

Dear Jeff and Elliott

It’s overcast and drizzling; so I’m hanging out inside with some friends. What kinds of games can we play?

Inside in Indy

“It’s Like Inside Recess”

Dear Inside,

Try Settlers of Catan
If you’re a serious board game fan
Or use Risk to pass the day
‘Cause it’ll take a whole day to play

If your friends are sufficiently nerdy
You could roll on some D&D
Or just grab a deck of cards and play
If you could remember the rules anyway

There are so many games you can play inside while it rains
Like hide and seek
Or the popular spin-off sardines

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