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What is 2+2? 

Cat Food for Thought

September 13th, 2010

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Jeff and Elliott

Dear Jeff and Elliott

I would like you to write and sing a song about my cat. Strange, but I want to see what effects it has on him.

His name is Sirius, he is a tuxedo cat and he loves to lie on his back. He won’t eat most meats, just cat food and some other things. His original name was Jaden, but we changed it because he is a black cat (mostly) and we named him after Sirius Black. He is in love with our other cat, but she hates him, because she is racist (she’s a white cat.) So yes, if you would write a song about him and post it I could see if he reacts to the music. Just a funny experiment, and I would love your help with it.

Curious like a Cat

“Cat Food for Thought”

Dear Curious,

How do you write a song for a cat?
I don’t know but here we go:

Sirius, this is a song for you
Because seriously, we’ve got nothing better to do
I’d really like to say that it wasn’t true
But start a question/answer website and you’ll be singing this too:

Sirius, you’re a cat!
You love to lie on your back
Don’t let racists get you down
True cat love knows no bounds

So Sirius, you classy tuxedo cat you
In this situation, you know just what to do
Grab a big bowl of cat food, preferably not meat
This meal, like always, is your owners treat.

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