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Wagons West

July 19th, 2010

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Our brains are kinda’ hard-wired to get used to stuff. Like when you walk into a room and think “That smell is like fried death and cabbage” and then a couple of minutes later it just smells like cabbage. (Don’t fool yourself the death is still there). It makes us adaptable! So it’s not hard to believe, conversely, that change can be hard to deal with; especially big change like moving states away. We don’t want to alarm you but that is exactly what we’re singing about today!

Business as usual,
Jeff and Elliott

Dear Jeff and Elliott,

In three weeks I will be moving out of the Midwest to Austin, Texas. Despite knowing that moving is the best thing for me to do, doubt and fear has been seizing me on a regular basis. Is this normal? what can I do about it?

Jack D.

“Wagons West”

Dear Jack D.,

So you’re moving out of the Midwest and to
New adventures in Texas, doubt grabbin’ hold of you
And you want to know if that’s regular fare
Well change is often scary, there’s nothing new there

So all that’s left is to try to relax
You know your destination; you’ve examined the facts
And who knows maybe you look good in chaps
But probably not (cause no one does); stick with a giant hat

Drink some tea, do Tai chi, Get a massage, try hypnotizing
Yourself into believing it’s easy to be leaving

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