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World Cup Blues (or Les Bleus)

June 28th, 2010

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So, Elliott’s in Florida. That means it is now I who can do whatever I want. Consider my excitement immediately extinguished by the U.S. loss in the World Cup. How am I supposed to write an advong* when I’m so down? (There is a knock at the door)

JEFF. Who’s there?
CHRIS. It’s your cousin Chris!
JEFF. Chris! What are you doing here?
CHRIS. I heard you were really depressed about the U.S. losing to Ghana.
JEFF. How’d you hear about that?
CHRIS. We watched the game together. You said it before you left.
JEFF. Oh yeah.
CHRIS. I’m here to play some bluesy piano to cheer you up.
JEFF. Wow, that’s really nice of you.
CHRIS. Actually I was just bored. Can I come inside now?
JEFF. Oh yeah. (JEFF opens the door)

And that’s the story of how I got up the courage to write a song in the face of adversity. By Chris doing most of the work. And for those of you who would ask: “Why did you write a song over a game?” I have only one response: Why do you think we used toy piano?

Winners of best playwrights,
Jeff and Elliott

*See the comments section of Bud Nippin’.

This is normally where the question goes, but since I have chosen to spend the entire week complaining that I don’t get to watch more U.S. world cup games, I will instead pose this question: Who’s coming with me to Brazil in four years?

“World Cup Blues (or Les Bleus)”

Oh The World Cup blues
Why did our team have to lose?
I keep talkin ’bout our last
As if it might change the past
But still I’ve got these blues.

Sometimes you go out on that pitch
Just to learn that life’s a bitch.
But hey, there’s a bright side to every story.
For example, things could be much worse.
We could be France.
Refusing to practice and to shake hands.
Seriously, what the fuck was up with that?

Anyway, we’ll keep practicing still
And with a little luck and a little skill
We’ll see you in Brazil

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