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Company Picnic

June 13th, 2010

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Well well well. Jeff here. I’m back from that strange and far away land where people wear hats on their feet and carry cheeseburgers in their pockets to keep leprechauns away. I noticed that in my absence Elliott did an awesome job of keeping the website going. Turns out that with the short amount of time I had after landing, he had to keep it going all by himself once again this week. However! I will be taking the credit this week. Sure, maybe you won’t hear me singing, maybe I didn’t do any of the song-writing, and MAYBE I didn’t lift a finger to record it…

But I wrote this.

Winners of best friendly rivalry,
Jeff and Elliott

Dear Jeff and Elliott,

My company recently had it’s company picnic, but I think I made a few inter-office enemies because of my and some friends behavior. Is it possible to be too competitive with co-workers? I’m just trying to raise the bar man!

Racing for Gold

“Company Picnic”

Dear Racing for Gold,

Starter pistol fires in the air
Feel the wind on your face and in your hair
Surge forward now with unparalleled might
Even though your left leg is tied to my right

We came, we saw, we conquered them all
No one ever comes close to our record
But how could they? They don’t practice like we do every day
They can never hope to face us at the company picnic races

And we’ll seal the deal on the volleyball court
After every spike and score with a witty retort
They say we’re to serious, it’s just for fun
But at the company picnic, we’re out for blood

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