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What is 2+2? 

What a Rube

May 24th, 2010

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You know us: We’re always helping people! The thing is, it’s not always in a way they would expect. (Or want!) So, in the tradition of continuing unpleasant traditions we have today’s advice. It’s probably not the easiest, safest, or legal-est way to handle the situation (What’s the court’s stand on robot fights?). But it’s guaranteed (pronounced: not guaranteed) to handle it!

Winners of best mechanism,
Jeff and Elliott

Dear Jeff and Elliott,

I have troubles reaching for the chips at the bottom of the Pringles tube :( Please help.


“What a Rube”

Dear Carrot,

Begin: The mouse will run from the picture of the cat
Tension pulling off of the hat rack the hat
Which will land on this side of the see-saw
Sending the marble up into a parabolic free-fall

That will free the ship from the bottle
So it can sail around the tub at full throttle
Then it will push the button to turn on the blender
Winding the strings around the blade in the center

The strings will release two Roomba gladiators
Which will fight for dust and bits of paper
Okay that last part won’t help with the task at the bottom
But we’re pretty sure it’s gonna look pretty awesome

The string will also release a hammer into a swing
That will tap the side of the can that is glued to a spring
Center of gravity shifted it will up-end the can
Depositing all the chips at the bottom in your hand

And to whom do you owe your snacking jubilation
Well for one, the engineer of this meandering creation
For two, how ’bout the guy who’s own name is it’s own word
Of course we’re referring to Mr. Reuben Goldberg

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