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What is 2+2? 

Oenophile Style

May 3rd, 2010

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It’s easy to make a snap judgment or rating of something like a movie, or music, or wine, but who rates the raters? How can we be sure that when rating something we’re employing a system or vocabulary that sufficiently covers all of the nuances of what is being reviewed? The short answer: We can’t. The long answer: This week’s song. By the way, on a scale of 50 to 100, where would you rate our advice giving abilities? Wait a second, WE answer the questions around here! And thusly we receive a 67.

Winners of best bouquet,
Jeff and Elliott

Dear Jeff and Elliott,

So how do you throw a proper blind wine tasting anyways? Should the rating system be 1 to 10 or A, B, C?

Musing in Marin

“Oenophile Style”

Dear Musing,

When you’re having a blind tasting with some friends
(Don’t invite cheap friends)
And you need a top notch rating system
(Seriously about the cheap friends. They’ll drink all your good shit)

1 to 10 seems to make sense, It allows the rater some variance
A little flexibility to rate the wine more carefully
And assumably, A, B, C means you’re rating in order of one to three
But what if they all taste like piss? Then an awful wine still tops the list

Good wine needs to stand out on it’s own.
In order to take it’s rightful place on the throne
And bad wine needs to be saved for last
Because who cares how it tastes when you’re drunk off of your ass?

So if you seek the best way to judge, then we defer to Wine Advocate
Color, appearance, aroma, bouquet, flavor and overall qualité
A scale of fifty to one-zero-zero, you’re soon to be a wine tasting hero
Robert Parker’d tell you he was proud, then you’d ask him how he got in your house.

Now that you’ve got this novel system in tow
Your wine tasting is going to totally own

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