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Spring is for Doin’ it

April 5th, 2010

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Just yesterday we had our annual “Easter Hunt”. What do you mean egg? We were hunting people. (Everyone knows man is the smartest prey!) Although, that would explain all those people in the park. And that guy did seem pretty pissed when Jeff caught him in the snare. (Pro-tip: A bottle of beer makes great bait!)

Winners of best catch,
Jeff and Elliott

Hey Jeff and Elliott,

What’s with easter bunnies and eggs? Rabbits don’t even lay eggs!

Confounded in Camden

“Spring is for Doin’ it”

Dear Confounded,

April showers bringing May flowers
Welcome to Spring, where everything’s green
So the eggs and the rabbit, represent a habit
Love us some fertility, we’re praying for virility

If you haven’t seen the press release:
Time to study up on the birds and bees
Cause’ the story is out on your lawn
Oh the moral of spring is: “Let’s get it on”

Going at it like rabbits: Animals get it on
All the flowers are blooming: Oh, Plants get it on
Hear the buzz in the air: Mosquitoes gettin’ it on
Ok mosquitoes take a break: Permission withdrawn

Okay it turns out those ancestors of ours
Spent a lot of time thinking about “doin’ it”
And they built into these traditions of ours
Lots of innuendos about “doin’ it”

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