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How I’d Like to Love You

March 22nd, 2010

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Welcome to Jeff and Elliott 2.0. You’re probably asking: “But guys, what’s so different about the website now?” Well, for starters we updated the look of the site. (We made it action-packed!) For Seconds, this is the first of many songs to be collaborated on by our heroes from opposite sides of the country. How did we do it? Let’s just say it’s hard to hold a phone and play guitar. And for thirds, we’ve got some adspace down there for some reason or another. Now on to business:

Love is a funny thing. How many of us ever truly find love? We would argue that we all have at least one great love; You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout. Just kick back, slip into something comfortable, and get ready for an ear full of lovin’.

Winners of best love song,
Jeff and Elliott

P.S. Mary Blair is completely the reason for the feel and style of the new artwork. Look her up.

Dear Jeff and Elliott,

I thought love songs were the most common type of song. Why haven’t you guys written one yet? Maybe you don’t get out enough.

Lovely in Littleton

“How I’d Like to Love You”

How I’d like to get to know you
To take two fingers and spread you wide
I’d like to know all of your secrets
I’ve just got to get inside

How I’d like to love you so
The likes of which you’ll never know
You’re tough to crack I’ll give you that
But I’ll win you yet, on that you can bet

How I’d like to ball you sweetly
Use my tool to carve you out
Of you I’ll take some tasteful photographs
Then I’ll put you gingerly in my mouth

How I’d love to like you so
The likes of which you soon will know
You’re smooth and sweet, yet not too much
Let’s get together soon, maybe we’ll do brunch.

Food you are my first true love
And about you I just can’t sing enough
I could go on like this all night
But I’ve got a date with an ice cream pint.

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