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We Swear It’s Sound Advice

November 16th, 2009

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It can be hard to tell what will offend people before trying it out. Usually we play it safe until we get to know someone (then we bring out our inner demons). (Don’t worry, they’re not real demons!) It can be even harder when reaching across cultures. Values differ so much sometimes! Did you know that refusing to eat the bowl your soup comes in is like an insult in Alaska?! (It is made of bread though.) But what do you do if someone may be offending themselves…and they don’t even know it?! ‘Tis the topic of today’s quandary!

Practically un-offendable,
Jeff and Elliott

Dear Jeff and Elliott,

I just started a new job teaching English to two 3 1/2 year old girls. While we were playing, the mother left her I-pod on for us to hear American music. The song Dickhead came on with lots of explicatives. Should I tell the mother (who speaks only a little English) that the music is inappropriate for kids, or ignore it because they probably don’t understand it anyway? I don’t want to offend my new “boss” but I worry the work “fu*k” is getting into the subconscious of poor unsuspecting austrian kids. Please help!

Aurally Accosted in Austria

“We Swear It’s Sound Advice”

Dear Aurally Accosted,

Cursing O Cursing, O what a dilemma!
Blown out of proportion es mucho problema
But cursing or not whatever your side
The fact still remains: for others, we don’t get to decide

So tell the mutha mutha and make her aware
Knowledge is power; she can take it from there
I guess that pretty much solves it, so that’s all we got
But heed these words of warning: After this instrumental!

If the kids get their music taken away
And lo and behold they find that you’re to blame…
I think you get what we’re trying to say
But as for us, a world without cursing: No censored way.

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