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Quit Whinin’ And Start Winin’

November 30th, 2009

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Ah, opinions. Is there anything more fun to argue about? You can never be wrong or right when arguing an opinion, because then it wouldn’t be an opinion! So if anyone ever disagrees with your opinion, shout “No your snowman sucks, Dan!” and then kick their snowman over. Wait…

Best snowman builders ever,
Jeff and Elliott

Dear Jeff and Elliott,

My friend and I both enjoy a good glass of wine. He, however, is condescending about types that he thinks are better and makes his opinions clear in a manner that can be insulting to others. Specifically me. How can I communicate to him that he is being a jackass?

-Perturbed in Piedmont

“Quit Whinin’ And Start Winin’”

Dear Perturbed,

Tell your friend to shut up and drink up
“To each their own” not “To each your friend’s own”
And if he doesn’t listen then make up
Types of wine to test what he actually knows

And if your friend outs himself as a fool
He’ll learn a bit of social skill
The wine will seem more tasty
When enjoyed on an even keel

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