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Diabetes Song

November 2nd, 2009

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Welcome to November! It’s “American Diabetes Month” (Put on by the American Diabetes Association).

As fate/luck/Jeff would have it, Jeff wrote a song about diabetes long ago for a college course. The song saw it’s glory days with the band Terzetto (Jeff, Elliott and John Boyle). By the way, we’re still waiting on our record deal. Point being, we thought this coincidence couldn’t be better used to serve our laziness spread diabetes awareness! So, please enjoy…and take notice, diabetes is everywhere.

Jeff and Elliott

P.S. As always, the opinions of Jeff and Elliott (while awesome) do not replace the opinions of a qualified physician. Really, if you’re at all concerned – please see a doctor.

Dear Jeff and Elliott,

I think I might have diabetes. How do I know whether or not I should see a doctor?

-7.8% of America*

“Diabetes Song”

I’d like to tell you a bit about a chronic disease
A chronic disease known as Diabetes
It’s characterized by elevated blood glucose concentration

Now the thing that worries me and it should worry you too
Is half the people who have got it don’t know that they do
So they go about their lives and they never see a doctor

Diabetes, won’t you go away please?
Because the symptoms, you see, they are very sneaky
They seem like things that happen all the time to you and me
Here come some warning signs of Diabetes:

Excessive urination and thirst, at nighttime that can be the worst
Glucose in your urine, but do not taste your urine
Weight loss, nausea, and irritability,
Don’t forget, sleeplessness and easy tiring

Cravings for food, especially for sweets
Pains in your legs, fingers and feet
Abnormally slow healing of cuts or bruises

So you should pay attention to the signs
See a doctor if you’re not feeling fine
Because you don’t want the person with the unchecked diabetes
To be you

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