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What is 2+2? 

Eggs Over Awesome

October 12th, 2009

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Sometimes we get questions from people that are less advice and more tutorial. That’s okay! Artistic license gives us the freedom to do what we want to anyhow. In this case if anyone is actually looking for some tutorials on cooking and whatnot, check out If your looking for musical advice about cooking and whatnot (emphasis on the whatnot) Just scroll down. (That’s really easy!)

We put on our robes and chef’s hats,
Jeff and Elliott

Jeff and Elliott,

I have a major problem!
Why can I not cook eggs? Mine are always burnt and taste like [redacted]!
Can you tell me how to cook the perfect eggs?


“Eggs Over Awesome”

Dear Jared,

Where would we be if the pilgrims had decided
Not to sail to a distant land?
Where would we be if John F. Kennedy
Hadn’t built a spaceship with his own two hands?

Or if Calvin Coolidge hadn’t won the secret war against the aliens
And kept our planet intact?
What would we do had Einstein not thought relativity through?
I’d have one less thing to study that’s a fact!

Upwards and onwards
Are both seven letter words

All of these examples serve to demonstrate
You must first try, in order to succeed
So crack a few more eggs, and make another omelet
And you’ll realize your dreams

Your dreams of eggs?

Or if that doesn’t work:
Fry one egg to taste, and add a pinch of oregano.
Then toast two pieces of your favorite bread.
Find a sliced cheese you like, I recommend Swiss.
Place the cheese on the bread along with fresh spinach.
(And some ham if that gets you naughty)
Add the egg, close up the sandwich, and enjoy!

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