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Cricket Song

October 5th, 2009

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Crickets of the world unite! No longer must you be oppressed by the masses that feel they own everything! Sing your song loud and proud and don’t ever let anyone tell you what to do or where you belong!

Ed. Note: Jeff insisted that this be the post. I think he’s actually gone slightly mad (Cricket Fever?!). This will be apparent, I suppose, after listening to the song.

Chirp Chirp,
Jeff and Elliott

Jeff and Elliott,

Alright, there is a cricket in my house somewhere. I can hear it every night. I know it’s there. I’m going crazy from the chirping. Help a guy out here!

Too Noisy in Boise

“Cricket Song”

Dear Too Noisy,

It’s getting cold outside
Even little crickets need a place to hide
Don’t go committin’ cricket apartheid
Just let the crickets stay inside

But Jeff, why would you allow some pests
To stay in your place at your own behest

Section off your house like it’s a crime scene
Because you’ve had a cricket breaking and entering
Go inch by inch and square by square
Until your sure a cricket isn’t hiding in there

But think about the nice ambiance
If you approach the situation sans chalance

But seriously
Can we be serious
We’re talking seriousness.

If to this pest you’d like to stick it
Then learn how to speak cricket
Tell a cricket joke that’s just so bad
That the cricket gets so effin mad

He packs his bags and goes

In Memoriam
a lovely cricket

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