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Bluetooth – It’s Not Like Blackbeard

October 26th, 2009

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News FLASH: Jeff is on a break this week (He had to go back to Chicago at some point.) So I’m taking over! The (temporary) name of the site is now “Elliott Says Whatever He Wants About Whatever”. So, yeah. I’m going to go do that now!

Jeff and Elliott

A question from a listener/reader would normally go here, but since I’m saying whatever I want about whatever…We’re going to talk about bluetooth headsets! Yep, I know it’s not a new situation…but going by the people I see every day – it needs to be readdressed. Let’s do it!

“Bluetooth – It’s Not Like Blackbeard”

When I was ten I would’ve said
It’d be pretty cool to wear a phone on my head
But it turns out instead it’s not
You just look like a narcissist who got caught
Thinkin’ “I’m so important it’s obscene!”
“Hey everybody, look at me!”

Can’t take the phone away from my head,
I’m waiting on a call from the president…of my book club

That thing you’re wearing’s called a hands free device
Not a cybernetic implant you’re attached to for life
It turns out, it can easily be removed from your face
Unless someone upped the ante and superglued it in place

I will concede there are right times to indulge
For instance when your driving and expecting a call
But walking around leisurely and sipping a latté
Or when you’re dining out are not the right situations, no way

The situation still remains
Wearing a headset all the time is lame
And one more thing that’s been bugging me
Bluetooth is the technology
A headset is the thing glued to your head
You wouldn’t call a remote an infrared

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