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We recommend you recommend

August 17th, 2009

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Well well well. Sometimes friends ask favors of us that we’re not too thrilled about. In most cases, part of friendship is the willingness to be a part of these half-cocked schemes even if you don’t believe in their outcome. So next time your friend asks you to hold the rope while they scale the building, tell them “No, that’s freaking crazy. But I will write you a letter of recommendation.”

Freaking crazy,
Jeff and Elliott

Dear Jeff and Elliott,

A fairly good friend of mine is applying for a job and asked me to write him a letter of recommendation, but to be completely honest I don’t think he’s really the best person for this specific job. Should I just write him a letter anyway?

Pensive in Piedmont

“We recommend you recommend”

Dear Pensive,

If you consider yourself a friend
Why would you not pitch in?
Unless their interview is to find a new leader of planet earth.
What harm could it do? Do what you can do, to increase your friend’s net worth.

Help your friend get their foot in that door
I mean come on, what are friends for?

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