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Moving on Sideways

August 31st, 2009

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Whether you’re starting a new semester, starting the rest of your adult life, or just starting another year, change is in the wind. It can be scary to let go of the usual grind (Especially when you find out how bad the new grind will be!)
Regardless, change doesn’t care if you’re ready. (It’s kind of inconsiderate.) C’est la vie! Try to have some fun.

Having fun,
Jeff and Elliott

Dear Jeff and Elliott,

Ugh! I’m moving! (?)*

Manic and Moving
*Editorial addition

“Moving on Sideways”

Dear Manic,

Never go anywhere
Just buy a hole and store your stuff there
Ha ha hee hee, we’re just kidding
Obviously that’s no way to be living

We can see that you can’t see that
Motion occurs in life naturally
Don’t try erasing, you can’t change it
You should never be complacent

Movement’s how we see the world
And how the world is always shaping

You don’t have a choice
Like a shark in the ocean,
You had best get used to motion

No one knows where
They are going
No use stopping
Life’s not slowing

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