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How Billy Stole Sally’s Heart

August 3rd, 2009

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Huh? What?! Oh – Hi, we didn’t see you there. We’re not often of the opinion that sharing is a bad thing – it’s usually a nice gesture. Sharing ice cream for example! But sometimes a request to share is actually one person taking advantage of another. When that happens our advice is “screw sharing”! (Too edgy? Maybe!) So, don’t let people abuse your good will…and don’t abuse theirs (or we’ll find you!)
Sharing our advice,
Jeff and Elliott

Dear Jeff and Elliott,

I’ve diligently attended every class for the summer semester. There’s this person that sits behind me though, and they hardly ever come to class. The other day they asked if they could photocopy all of my notes. What should I do?

Unsure at the University

“How Billy Stole Sally’s Heart”

Dear Unsure,

Billy and Sally met in med. school
And instantly became acquaintances
Sally had noticed Billy seemed to never come to class
For a brief instant she wondered if Billy would actually pass

The day before the anatomy final Billy reappeared
He needed to copy sally’s notes or he’d fail he had feared
Sally being a generous soul consented right away
So they both passed their finals and graduated that may

Days and months and years go by
Sally and Billy go on with their lives
Little did they know that again one day
They’d be reunited by the hand of fate

Sally went in for a preemptive appendectomy
They put her under for the fairly simple surgery
But the doctor removed her heart accidentally
She’d still be alive it if wasn’t for doctor Billy

What to gleam from this sad story you might wonder
Don’t share your notes or you’ll be resting six feet under
And the person with whom you shared will spend their days in jail
Why give someone a fish when you can teach them to fish for themselves

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