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What is 2+2? 

We Give You Our Word

July 6th, 2009

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Alright. We promise that the advice offered up in this song is the most useful you’ll hear in the next ten minutes. If you hear better advice, we will personally fly out to visit you and buy you a Coke. Don’t like Coke? Alright, RC it is. No pepsi though. See how we didn’t even capitalize pepsi? Pretty much says it all. Really though, we hope that this week’s question will answer itself without the help of verse and rhyme. As Holden Caulfield would say: “Phonies.”

Do the right thing,
Jeff and Elliott

Dear Jeff and Elliott,

So I’ve put my apartment on a certain website that is helpful for finding people to sublease apartments, and it worked! The only problem is, I agreed to rent my apartment to one party, and then another party offered to pay me $50 more a month for the place! Should I honor my original agreement? Is it really so bad if I go back on my original offer? I mean, more money! Am I right?!

Indecisive in Indianapolis

“We Give You Our Word”

Dear Indecisive,

Is fifty dollars a month
Really that much to lose?
Yeah we know money’s probably tight
But you’ve really only got one of two paths to choose

Your bank account
Or your dignity
Sure money is nice
But morals are free

Even if it’s not in writing
You’ve already agreed
At what price do you sell
Your integrity

Don’t be the reason a handshake’s not worth a handshake anymore
You gotta’ sign on the dotted line because one’s word’s not worth what it was before

(Worth Repeating)

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