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You Talkin’ to Me?

June 22nd, 2009

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Well hello. Who doesn’t love getting insulted?! Oh, wait…that’s all of us. Here we have a prime example of a baseless insult and, for many of us, our instinctual response – physical violence. I guess there is also some advice down there.

On a side note, is gearing up for a small re-design. If you have anything to add…be it things that bug you, stuff you like, or something new you’d like to see, pop into the comments and leave us a note. It’s your chance to change the future!

From the Future,
Jeff and Elliott

Dear Jeff and Elliott,
Why do you two suck so bad, why don’t you have any friends, and why don’t you just admit already, that you’re secret lovers. We all know it’s true. (I guess that’s three questions. You don’t have to answer them all, I’ll be happy with only one.)

Smarter than You in Chicago

“You Talkin’ to Me?”

Dear Smarter,

I wanna’ get in a fight with you
I don’t know why but you’re begging me to
You say such stupid things
I wanna punch you in your stupid face

And when it’s all through
And I’m standing over you
You will be black and blue
From my fight with you

So my advice to you
Is to watch who you’re talking to
Because you never know
Who’s willing to go to blows

This time it isn’t me
All I’m gonna do is sing
But unexpectedly
You could find yourself in the ring

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