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What is 2+2? 

Modern trA

June 15th, 2009

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Oh. Hi. We didn’t see you come in. We were just sipping cappuccinos and enjoying a conversation about how the minor variations in sheep’s wool is influencing the popular art palate in certain regions of Norway. While you’re here you should have a look around. You’ll notice there’s no violet anywhere. It’s a very bold statement. Think about it.

We felt so confident in our understanding of the question asked of us this week that we took it upon ourselves to write a song from the perspective of the person who posed it. In fact, we’re sure that if this person had sat down to write the song themselves it wouldn’t have come out any differently. We’re just that snooty! (Not really!)

You can’t put a price on art,
Jeff and Elliott

Dear Jeff and Elliott,

A good friend of mine just bought a very pricey piece of artwork. When I was over at his place visiting, he unveiled it to me and asked me what I thought. I could tell he was proud of it, but I thought it was terrible, and didn’t think twice before telling him so. He was a little miffed. What should I have done in that situation?

Awkward in Anaheim

“Modern trA”

Dear Awkward,

It’s a cold drive home for the first time
In Anaheim, in Anaheim,
And you may be upset but you asked me what i thought
And i spoke my mind
Fog’s creeping in the windows and I’m wondering
Was I out of line
And now I can’t see anything
It’s flashback time:

You invited me to your place
To show me something great
Something you thought I’d appreciate

Uhhh. I don’t think it’s really my thing
I think I need another drink
Hm. Nope Yup Still not my thing

Art is a matter of taste
Don’t ask an opinion
If you’re worried about losing face

Are you really a good friend of mine
If you can’t take it when I speak my mind

Besides, Art is such a subjective thing
What good is it to care what others think
It means so many different things to everyone
And it’s not my fault that your artwork sucks

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