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Sexay Spice

May 11th, 2009

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A great man once said “Sometimes, I’m always right”. Well, this is one of those times.
(In this case, “I’m” is pronounced “We’re”). We hope you enjoy the advice and the song – we like it!
If you do (or don’t) or have something else to add, post a comment! Whatever you do…

Stay sexay (It’s the funky version of sexy),
Jeff and Elliott

Dear Jeff and Elliott,

My sex life is beginning to become a drag. Do you assumably
suave Casanovas have any advice to help me spice up my sex life.

Thanks guys,
Yearning in the Yukon

“Sexay Spice”

Dear Yearning,

They say variety is the spice of life
But the key is to spice it just right
You see, if I’ve got something new to try
It’s got to catch both our eyes

Not everyone is comfortable saying what they want out loud
Sometimes it’s sexier if you know what they want anyhow, but
That doesn’t mean you always have to be in control
If you know what you want, and you say what you want,
You might get what you want, and that’s the goal

So, if you really want to send the ladies up the wall
Communication is the key to it all
I know that’s not as sexy as you hoped it be
Well you can blame it on our erogenous physiology

Everyone’s a little different on their sexy side
Some like it in the afternoon, some want it in the middle of the night
So read the body language and speak your mind
We agree that you’ll agree, that’s always sexy anytime

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