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Mourning Sunlight

May 4th, 2009

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With summer finally upon us, we feel it is our duty to field a question that pertains to such seasonal things as
rain, sunshine, sleeping, dead-end jobs, a faltering economy, and positive thinking. We positively hope you’ll like it.

Keep those heads in the clouds,
Jeff and Elliott

Dear Jeff and Elliott,

I can’t seem to wake up in the morning if the sun isn’t shining.
It’s like I need a blast of rays to get me going in the morning. What should I do?

Sleepy in Cincinnati

“Mourning Sunlight”

Dear Sleepy,

Wake up wake up wake up, It’s a brand new day
No the sun is not out, but that is o.k.
We can we can we can, make everything alright
Nature is not a force that controls our minds

We know there’s a lot of stuff in the day that you probably don’t want to face
Bad weather, crap job, economic crisis or the whole human race
Actually come to think of it, maybe you’d be better off in bed
I don’t think anyone’s ever been mugged, with a pillow under their head

Try placing the alarm clock, a little further away from your bed
Maybe hit the hay a little earlier, get some more rest for that weary head
Or build a weather machine to keep the cloudy days at bay
Maybe consider moving to a sunny place far far away

We can not be happy all of the time
As you drift off to sleep clear your mind
The bigger problem might be in your head
If not you could try sleeping in a tanning bed

If all else fails help you start your day
Just pop in this tune and you can hear us say:

Wake up wake up wake up, It’s a brand new day No the sun is not out, but that is o.k You can you can you can, make everything alright We can conquer the day with or without sunlight.

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