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What is 2+2? 

Beautiful Snowflakes

May 25th, 2009

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Greetings! This week we tackle a question that’s based in a common situation. How do you tell someone something you think will hurt their feelings?
You outsource the dilemma to strangers on the internet! It’s really for the best. This way, when you play it for that person you can’t
bear to have it out with – there are two options.

1) They see the wisdom of our words and change their behavior, rectifying the situation.

2) They’re obviously blind to heartfelt song and get angry with our advice.

Number 2 looks like bad news – but wait! You can claim to disagree with our findings (we know how you really feel!),
say we embellished your question (we didn’t!), and try to tackle the problem in a different way.

Strangers on the Internet,
Jeff and Elliott

P.S. Don’t forget to check this Memorial Day. Oh wait…

Dear Jeff and Elliott,
I have a roommate that borrows clothes from me. She is very polite about it – she always asks before she borrows my clothes, and returns them promptly, washed and ironed.
My problem is that she is about three sizes bigger than me, but she insists that she can fit in my clothes! So when I get back my t-shirts, they’re stretched out and don’t fit me well anymore.

Should I tell her that she clearly doesn’t fit in my clothes, risking upsetting her by making her think I’m calling her fat?
Or should I stay quiet and let more of my shirts get ruined?

Quiet in Queens

“Beautiful Snowflakes”

Dear Quiet,

Roomie, I love you so
But there’s something you gotta know
You gotta stop hm…
How to put this nicely?

Roomie, you’re my good friend
And being that we’re such good friends
This shouldn’t be hard to say, hard to say
Hard to say

I’m not ready to say it yet
Hold on, and let me think about this

You see, people are like snowflakes
Of all different size and shape
But they’re still beautiful, they’re beautiful,
You’re beautiful, we’re talking beauty

What I’m trying to say
And in a non-offensive way
I’d do anything for you
Will you do this for me, will you…

Please stop wearing my clothes
We’re two different snowflakes
Try some clothes of your own
I’ll even take you shopping


That was hard to say
In a non-offensive way
But I hope you appreciate
The time I took trying not to make you blue

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