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What is 2+2? 

To Omaha

April 20th, 2009

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I think we’ve all been in following position:
Drive across two states for a girl, or don’t drive across two states for a girl? Wait – what? That wasn’t all of us?
Oh well, if you do find yourself in a similar situation you’ll know what Jeff and Elliott would suggest.
That is what you think of when you face dilemmas isn’t it?

Well…it should be,
Jeff and Elliott

Dear Jeff and Elliott,

Last weekend in New York I met the love of my life, Jennifer.
Now I’m back home in Chicago and she’s back home in Omaha, and I miss her horribly.
What am I to do???

Unsure In Chicago

“To Omaha!”

Dear Unsure In Chicago,

Seven hours west of the sands of Lake Michigan
By car and you’ll find yourself in the streets of Omaha and still
You’re sitting where you are
Why aren’t you in your car
I don’t understand why you haven’t left

What the hell are you waiting for?

I only see two reasons for your chosen lack of action
One: You doubt the love is true
Two: You’re just not an impulsive guy
I guess that it’s okay
But will you always say
I wonder, I wonder what could’ve been

We’re serious, why are you still here?

But if the first situation is the one that describes you
It’s okay to doubt if the love is true
But allow my friend and I
To lay it all out and save you some time

It might be love, if you want to talk with her for hours
Maybe not, if you only picture her naked in the shower
Love again, if you want to give her everything you are
Maybe not, if you just want to give it to her…

Maybe seven hours west of the sands of Lake Michigan
Sits a girl in Omaha who’s wondering where her love could be
But maybe you should call
Before you go and drive
To Omaha and then she isn’t home

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