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Sleep Tight

March 30th, 2009

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Welcome back to Jeff and Elliott Save the Day! Today we take a look at a common childhood problem.
Some kids were afraid of the dark, or of being home alone, or of the sounds a house makes at night.
But the thing we all share is fear. And what were we really afraid of? Monsters. Duh.

It’s really just a shadow,
Jeff and Elliott

Dear Jeff and Elliott,

I’m sure there is a monster under my bed.
I have to run and jump on it so my legs don’t get grabbed.
I told mom and dad and they said to go back to sleep.
I don’t think they believe me.
What should I do?

-Scared and Awake

“Sleep Tight”

Dear Scared and Awake,

If you think there’s a monster
Hiding underneath your bed
You can’t take any chances
With the place you lay your head

The first thing i’d do is install a light down there
Monsters fear the light yes they do
Then I would board up the bottom of the bed
Make sure no monsters can get through

Then just to be safe, brick up the closet
So another monster doesn’t get any ideas
Tell your parents, these are simple precautions
They can take to make sure they don’t lose a kid

If all else fails you might consider
It’s just your mind playing tricks on you
Look under the bed and in the closet and then
You can sleep the whole night through

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